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Vload is

A secure way to pay for online orders with one-time vouchers

How to pay with VLoad

1 Buy voucher here or from one of the distributors.
2 Enter ID and PIN number.
3 Use voucher as any other traditional payment method, wherever it is accepted (check if your store accepts here).
4 Payment is made immediately.

How to buy a VLoad Cash Voucher

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Or buy through one of our distribution partners

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How to pay for VLoad

Intl Bank Deposit
warning Tier 2 Account Required
warning Tier 2 Account Required

Use VLoad

It is the safest way to pay online

1 VLoad offers, indisputably, the utmost level of security during a payment.
2 Convenient, may be used as a gift card or repayment.
3 Thanks to VLoad, you gain the payment flexibility traditional payment means lack.
4 The Net of shops accepting VLoad is continuously growing, making it even more attractive.

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